Anatomical Pathology

Fernando Constantino-Casas

Professional history
Fernando Constantino-Casas graduated with a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine from the National Autonomus University of Mexico in 1985. He was awarded a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in 1991. Fernando was head of the department of Pathology at the veterinary school in Mexico City from 2001 to 2006. He was then was appointed as Senior Lecturer in veterinary pathology, University of Cambridge in 2007 and as University Pathologist in March 2014. He has published 52 papers in peer review journals. He has supervised 14 undergraduate thesis, 8 Master thesis and 5 PhD thesis.

Special interests
Veterinary oncology.
Hepatitis and pancreatitis in dogs and cats.
Infectious diseases.
Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Pain assessment in sheep.
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Recent publications
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