Oncology - Small Animal

Maja Arendt

Personal profile:
Maja graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2005. After a short period in first opinion practice she started a PhD in telomerase targeted gene therapy for treating canine cancer at the University of Glasgow. She completed her PhD in 2008 and went on to do an internship at the University of Glasgow. After her internship she worked at the University of Copenhagen as a senior clinician in internal medicine and dermatology. In 2010 she started a post-doc in comparative genetics.

Research interests:
Maja has a special interest in identifying breed specific genetic risk factors predisposing certain dog breeds to cancer. She also has an interest in molecular profiling of specific cancer types.

In addition to this she also has an interested in evolutionary difference between dogs and wolves and genetic risk factors for gestational / dioestral diabetes in female dogs.

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